Welcome! I have, roughly, 4 different universes that my stories take place in. They are listed here in order of most to least detailed/fleshed out. Keep in mind, this is just the universes, I haven't even gotten to the different worlds that exist yet.

PHANTASMAGORIA (Phanta, The VR Story): Demons, VR, Nostalgia. Trying to summarize this is like trying to summarize the entirety of Marvel/DC. It's gotten to a point where there's just Too Much Info. Fuck around and find out, I guess.

MAD AS A CROW (MaaC, Superhero Universe): Defauly Superhero Universe that's ripping off either Marvel or DC at any given time. Technically my piss poor attempt to rewrite the DC Canon to actually make sense/have one coherent storyline. It's basically a DC AU that got way to out of hand.


LIFE AFTER DEATH (LaD, After Death):